9,5 M³ Vacuum Type Road Sweeper




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KDM 9,5 m³

Vacuum Type Road Sweeper

The KDM 9,5m³ Vacuum Type Road Sweeper continues the tradition of successful sweeper technology and with high quality materials and components, we ensure operational reliability and long service life.

General Features


Different size of vacuum type road sweepers from 4 cubic meters to 10 cubic meters can install to suitable carrier vehicles.

Efficient Irrigation

Standard high pressure water pump provides more efficient irrigation. It use less water with optimum water consumption level.

User Friendly

Easy to understand and user friendly control panel give advantage to the operator to control whole system.

Auxiliary Engine

Standard 115 Hp Auxiliary Engine generate enough power for vacuuming. 115 Hp Engine can generate necessary power with low operation rpm with low noise level and fuel saving.

10% Slope

A stainless steel water tank with a 10% slope below the garbage pit is a great advantage to throw away garbage.

Fiber Doors

Fiber doors on both size give easy access to the auxiliary engine in case of maintenance or break down.


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